Web Gram Server is a server-based geographic information system (GIS). It comes with out-of-the-box services for spatial data management, visualization, and spatial analysis. Web Gram Server offers open access to extensive GIS capabilities that enable organizations to publish and share geographic data, maps, analyses over web. Web Gram Server works with OGC compatible GML 2.1.2 file standard. High performance GIS applications can be built using Web Gram Server.

     Why Use Web Gram Server?

           Web Gram Server offers the following advantages:

  • Browser-based access to GIS applications readily available both internally and externally. Web Gram Server comes with browser-based Web applications for viewing and analysing spatial data.
  • Support for OGC standard GML 2.1.2 file format.
  • Web Gram Server comes with file conversion capability from ArcGIS shp files, GRAM++ Vector files, SOI DVD files, etc. into GML 2.1.2 format.
  • Ability to create custom applications and services for browser, desktop, and enterprise deployment using .NET or Java.

      The key features of Web Gram Server are:

          Spatial Data Management(WFS) - Web Gram Server allows spatial data management. Geodata services allow administrators to publish geographic data for extraction and replication.

          Visualization (Mapping)(WMS) - Web Gram Server offers Web mapping services that supports map viewing with various features like zoom in/out capability, zoom window, info tool, etc.

           Spatial Analysis - Web Gram Server offers server-based analysis and geoprocessing. It offers performing queries based on attribute data and generating theme based maps.

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